Pick Your Own Blueberry and Agri-Tourism and Agri-Entertainment Business

IntroductionWe would like to speak directly to some of you if are considering starting a “Pick Your Own” blueberry farm. The “Pick Your Own” blueberry business as well as other fruit is a very good business. This coupled with agri-tourism and agri-entertainment can make for a profitable business. Pick your own blueberries and other pick your own “super fruit” is a very big business. It will only get bigger as food and fuel prices continue to increase and people move more and more toward buying “locally grown” fruits such as blueberries!Pick your own blueberry businessThe pick your own blueberry business and other super fruits can be a very big and profitable business if you have the time, vision and resources to start one. You can start relatively small with just about 1000 plants and add more as you get the resources and experience to handle a larger operation. The pick your own is a business is only going to get bigger as fuel prices and food prices continue to rise. People will more and more be moving toward buying locally grown fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, aronia black chokeberries and etc… The recognition of the health benefits of these are also major factors in their increasing popularity. Aronia black chokeberries for example have an astounding amount of antioxidants and make excellent juices and jams. They have 3 times the amount of antioxidants that are in blueberries. The health benefits of these berries were even recognized and use by the American Indian before the arrival of Europeans.Buying only “locally grown” fruits such as blueberries which currently tops the list of fruit desired by you pickers! This business will increase in the future.Agri-tourism and Agri-entertainmentAgri-tourism, is a business or activity that draws visitors to a farm. Agri-tourism can include a wide variety of activities, such as picking fruit, buying produce from a farm stand, feeding animals, navigating a corn maze, taking a hay ride or staying at a bed and breakfast on a farm.It is a form of niche visiting the attraction that is considered a growth business in the United States and in other parts of the world. Another related business is Agri-entertainment.These are great entertainment for children and have an educational value.Today, the economic survival of many family farms is being endangered by the modern global agricultural economy. To supplement traditional farm income and maintain their economic viability, many farms are taking advantage of their unique rural and outdoor appeal by developing entertainment attractions as additional sources of income and provide some nostalgic appeal. This is typically referred to as “agri-tourism or agri-entertainment” (agriculture plus entertainment’). These options have a wide range of strategies as pick-your-own, picnic areas, petting zoos, hay rides, children’s play areas, mazes, pumpkin patches, fall festivals, farm stores, and school field trips. Knott’s Berry which started as a u-pick berry farm is one of the most thriving independent entertainment destination in the United States.Agri-tourism and Agri-entertainment are going to be very big businesses in the future. Now is the time to get “ahead of the curve” and “get blueberry plants planted now” and plan for the future. You will greatly benefit by this development in the years to come. Fuel prices and food prices will continue to rise causing more people to buy locally grown food.There are both “baby boomers” and young college graduates who want to start their own little farm to make a living or already have a little farm set up. “Baby boomers” often want to have this for their retirement.SummaryNow is a good time to start your own your pick blueberry farm and agri-tourism and agri-entertainment business. You can start small and grow to the size you want.

After Drug Rehab Will I Be Able To Stay Off Drugs?

With all the media reports these days about celebrities going into drug rehab two, three or more times. The question inevitably gets asked: “Will I be able to stay off drugs after completing drug rehab?”It’s a valid question, but the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no”. The true answer would have to be something like: “It depends on three main factors.”FACTOR 1 – YOU: Perhaps the number one factor for the success of your drug rehab is you – often more important than the type of drug rehab program itself. Drug rehab is successful to the degree that you are committed to getting better. Without that commitment, no drug rehab program can do very much. With your commitment to give it your all, to really dig in and participate with every fiber of your being, you bring an essential ingredient to the rehabilitation process. You bring the means that makes the help work wonders.FACTOR 2 – DRUG DETOX: The first step of a drug rehab is drug detox, to help you get off alcohol or drugs as comfortably and safely as possible so you can continue with the drug rehab program. You should ensure you receive medically supervised drug detox that is monitored and adjusted to work best for your personal health and metabolism. Attention to your nutritional needs is important, because alcohol and drugs can take a toll on your body’s health. Emotional support is vital as well, because detox can be an emotional experience. After detox, you’ll be through withdrawal period, feeling better, and able to continue with drug rehab.FACTOR 3 – DRUG REHAB: An inpatient drug rehab program is proven to be more effective than outpatient. If you really want to succeed, make inpatient care your choice. You can concentrate all your will power without distractions on the rehab process. This will really help you focus on the issues that led to and surround your addiction. The right drug rehab program for you will address all those areas of your life, and provide the means to dig into the basic personal reasons that contributed to you becoming addicted. It should provide life skills including communication with others, how to get along with others, how to take responsibility for your past destructive actions and their consequences, and also how to take responsibility for the good things you’ve done -that’s called self-worth, and that’s where your commitment to yourself really comes into play. Especially important, you must learn how to stay away from or deal with the people and places that remind you of your addiction and tempt you to continue using. In its place you will give yourself the gift of shiny new goals for your new life, and real plans to achieve them.The length of time in rehab is also an important part of the success formula. At least 90 days is better for most serious addictions, and even longer can be more successful. So be prepared to put the time into your drug rehab. We’re talking about changing the entire course of the rest of your life, and that is certainly worth a few months. With your commitment, your strength of purpose, and some toughness and bravery, you will be able have a successful drug rehab program.

Commercial Business Loans – Help You Scale the Height of Success

With the better chance to grow much more, a number of people prefer doing business. Now that you may need a good sum at such affairs, getting financial helps can be a good way to sail across the success route. Commercial business loans are easily available for such kind of purposes, where you can find any kind of your financial solution required by your business.Business loans help you find the solution at both either you have to foray into a new business or to back up the existing one. The received amount is free to be invested anywhere required by your business. The common expenses attached with a business are normally dispensing the purchasing of machinery and plants, buying raw materials, paying wages or salary, acquisition of land or office premises or even to consolidate the debts attached with your business.Business loans can are provided in the both form i.e. in secured and unsecured. The secured form is backed by collateral that is usually the business asset itself. While the unsecured form can be availed showing a sound financial prospect with you.You chances of getting business loans more depends upon the successful presentation of your business plan that help you explain your feasibility of requirement to the lenders. The amount of loan however, can vary with the form but, the general amount available with this loan facility varies from £10000 to £250000 with longer repayment duration of 1 to 25 years accordingly.The rate of interest here keeps on changing and depends upon a lot of factors. The factors that usually affect the rate here are your credit score, repaying capability, putting collateral, repayment term, base rate and even competition in the market.The lenders can be contacted even online to view their terms and conditions any time and even to apply for the loan also. You can find these lenders only by a simple click on the net that help you get a lot of them at a time.Commercial business loans help you find any kind of financial solution required by your business. The flexible way of getting through for it make it feasible and accessible to every kind of borrowers and ultimately help them get the desired success even when their own resources is not meeting the requirement.

Franchise Business Loan

If you have just decided to enter the franchising business and be your own boss, then you have just made the wisest decision. Today, entering the franchising business is just the surest way to succeed and earn staggering income.More than that, it is also one of the risk free businesses that you can venture on. But have you thought about how to finance it? Well, don’t worry since you can easily get done with a franchise business loan.Most beginner entrepreneur are intimated about the idea of franchising since there are lots of things to be considered and one is how to get a franchise business loan. Applying for a business loan should not bother you since the process is simple and easy if you are highly qualified and has no bad credit record.The good thing about business franchising is that it is recognized by most commercial lending institutions as well as banks as a safe route into business. This means that they are most willing and happy to grant you with a loan.Usually, they offer substantial percentage of the initial investment provided that you have been granted by a good franchisor. Normally, when you get a business loan for franchise, the agreement is that, you need to have one-third of the total startup funds for yourself.Most people entering the franchising business get this 1/3 from savings or redundancy payments. After this, the bank or the commercial lending business will lend you the other two-thirds as a business loan for franchise.In nature, franchise funding is very competitive thus in some cases, banks and lending companies only lend half. With this being said, it is essential that you know how banks approve franchise business loan so that you will have an idea on how to approach commercial lending with a high chance of approval.The first consideration that you need to pay attention to is the bank’s perspective on lending money. Though most of them have a positive outlook for franchise businesses, still you got to have a good reputation when it comes to your borrowing activity. This is the first and foremost qualifying factor for a franchise business loan.Because banks greatly looks at the borrowers reputation, it is of course a must that you are confident with your borrowing reputation. When the bank and lending companies consider your business loan, they still will look for additional and more solid collateral or guarantees to be sure that if in case you cannot make payments, they can get their payments from your franchise business loan guarantors or they can sell the collateral. In addition to guarantors and collateral, banks usually turn to the United States Small Business Administration or SBA to secure a guarantee loan.For first time entrepreneur who are securing a franchise business loan, inquiring about the process is simple as most high street banks offer a special section that deal with franchising. This is a very helpful source for free advice on franchise loan. They basically provide complete information on franchising as well as financing and how to successfully get approved for a business loan. So for starters, it will be wise to consult first from franchising and financing experts to go about how you going to do it smoothly and successfully.